Statement Piece

Todays post is about Fatima Babakura the Founder and Creative Director for Timabee, a luxury leather accessories brand.

Fatima is a young Nigerian woman, with an eye for creativity. Her designs are very elegant, sophisticated and made with the utmost attention to details.

Continue reading to learn more about her business and gain valuable business advice.

Tell us a little bit about your team?

Right now we have a very small team which includes me and 2 other incredible women who carry out the business and Administrative side of Timabee and of course our amazing artisans. We have just 1 fully employed artisan at the moment and a few others that we outsource to when we require more hands.

What makes your designs special? 

What makes it special is really the fact that I design from the heart. And what this means, is that I always have the customer in mind. When I design I am thinking is this bag functional?, is it too heavy to carry?, is it appealing to the eyes?, is it more than just a pretty bag?. What is very important to me is that regardless of design is that, you are able to see a very well made bag that even if you did not like the design, you cannot disagree that it is well made. Quality is key to Timabee.

Can you tell us about your entrepreneurial journey?

Timabee started as a hobby. I just enjoyed designing and I have a very curious mind. I designed and wanted to see one of my designs come to reality so I tried, and the rest they say is history. My journey is one that has been amazing but not one without obstacles. Having no knowledge in business or design when I started out, it was only natural to make mistakes and I am glad I made them early. One of those mistakes was just not finding the most cost effective way to ship products to clients which led to having to absorb some postage costs and sometimes just fees that we incurred due to shipping which could have been avoided if I did more research. In this journey, I have had the honour of meeting many great people who just appreciate what I do and it just feels good when someone tells you that you inspire them or that your products are world class.

If you were to start all over again, what would you do differently and why?

I would do more research! This is one of the advice I give to people who ask me now. Yes, I was young and excited but you gotta do your homework. And I would definitely take things as slowly as I can because honestly there is no need to rush and not that this was an issue but when you juggle school and a business like I am, you will realize very quickly when your business is growing that one thing has to suffer and you gotta make that decision. Is it your grades or your business?

What’s the biggest piece of advice do you have to give other women looking to venture into business?

Honestly, if you have an idea you want to explore, do it! Because nothing is more annoying than having regrets. That being said, please do your homework and understand what exactly you’re getting yourself into so you can decide if it is worth your while.

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