Sickle Cell Community

This is an announcement for sickle cell disease patients, carriers of the sickle cell trait, carers, family members of patients and anyone interested in knowing more about the disease. Please read on to find out more and follow the link at the end of this post.

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a devastating genetic disorder primarily affecting African Americans, but also Latinos, Arabs, and Indians

Sickle cell disease patients and those who stand with them are invited to register for free access to, an empowering online community.

Promoted as “A Sickle Cell Community Tailored to You,” oneSCDvoice will deliver trustworthy information to help people affected by sickle cell disease know more about it, learn of promising new treatments being tested in clinical trials (and how to access those new treatments as a clinical trial participant), more easily tap into needed support, and above all improve the quality of their lives. is the creation of sickle cell healthcare providers, advocacy leaders, pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer, Inc. and health technology company rareLife solutions.

This collaborative digital education platform provides professionally vetted links to credible information about SCD, about lifestyle issues related to the disease, and about how to get more and better help coping with this devastating genetic condition.

Read full details at:

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